Group 0

6.14 Explain why the noble gases are chemically inert, compared with the other elements, in terms of their electronic configurations
  • They have 8 electrons in their outer shell (except helium, which has 2).
  • They are unreactive and do not easily form molecules, because they have a stable arrangement of electrons.

6.15 Explain how the uses of noble gases depend on their inertness, low density and/or non-flammability
  • Low density = Helium used in balloons and airships since it is much less dense than air, so balloons filled with it float upwards
  • Inertness & non-flammability = argon inside light bulbs, stops the filament burning away
6.16 Describe the pattern in the physical properties of some noble gases and use this pattern to predict the physical properties of other noble gases
  • The boiling points of the noble gases increase with increasing relative atomic mass (going down the group).