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We are looking for high quality notes and other revision material to be published on this website. Please fill in the form below to send your notes. Students completing their A-levels or equivalent are welcome to submit material, as well as teachers and tutors. If we decide to use your material, we will be in contact to discuss the terms of use and what we can pay for them. Please note the following:

  • Any material must be written for the latest specifications.
  • Complete sets covering the whole of a particular syllabus are preferred.
  • Submitting handwritten notes are acceptable, however if they are to be published, you would need to either type them, or there will be a reduced payment for them to reflect the cost of having them typed by someone else.
  • Prior to publication, all material will be checked and edited where necessary.
Submit Resources
Please upload to Google Drive, Dropbox or similar and share the link to a single folder here