Frequently Asked Questions

I am stuck on a question, can you help me please?
I am happy to answer your questions. However, you need to:

  • be specific, rather than saying ‘I don’t understand electricity’.
  • show some attempt at the question and tell me the part you don’t understand.
  • send me direct links to the questions you have rather than giving a question number and paper name. Even better, tweet me a picture or screenshot.

Can you answer chemistry or biology questions?
No, physics or maths only

Most Recent Papers / Model Answers

Do you have the papers and mark schemes of the latest exam series (June 2015 / January 2016)?

I do not have the papers of AQA, CIE, OCR or WJEC, which are not released by the exam boards. June 2015 Edexcel are now available on the Past Papers pages. I have January and June 2016 Edexcel, which are not on this website. You need to email me to access them, with a reason other than “my mock is that paper”

Do you have the model answers for the most recent exams?

I do not have access to exam papers right after the exams. When/if I can get hold of them (someone sends me), I can solve physics and maths papers only (I don’t teach other subjects). I share my solutions or those of others on Twitter/Facebook/Google+. Please do not email me asking when they will be ready, as I cannot know when I would receive a paper. 


Past Papers

Do you have (______) papers?
All the papers I have are on the Past Papers page. 

What does (R) and (IAL) stand for?
(R) papers are sat in countries with a large time difference to the UK. (IAL) stands for International A-level. 
For IAL, C1-C2 and C3-C4 papers are joined together. In F1 there’s a topic additional to FP1: ‘Roots fo quadratic equations’. Otherwise, there’s no difference between the contents of these exams. 

Can you send me IAL papers from before 2014?
IAL was introduced in January 2014 so there are no papers before that.

Can you send me January papers for AQA, OCR or ‘normal’ Edexcel?
From January 2014, exams in the UK are only in June. The only January exams are Edexcel International A-levels

Topic Questions

What is the difference between Set-A, Set-1 etc.?
Set-2 are from the most recent papers, set-1 are from papers between 2003-2010. There’s no particular difference between set-A and set-B; there may be some overlap as they were prepared by different people

Where are the mark schemes of the Set-2 questions?
The year the paper that each question is taken from is written on top of the pages. Please use the mark scheme for that paper.

Where can I find the mark schemes of multiple choice questions?
There are files called ‘All multiple choice MS’

Where are the mark schemes for the ‘Quantum Physics’ questions from OCR?
I’m afraid I don’t have the mark schemes for those.