Edexcel Unit 3 – Contested Planet

These topics are examined in the IAL Unit 3 for Edexcel Geography.

You can find notes for Unit 1 here:

Topic A1: Atmosphere and Weather Systems

Global Atmospheric Circulation
Extreme Weather Hazards
Managing Extreme Weather

Topic A2: Biodiversity Under Threat

Biodiversity Patterns
Threats to Biodiversity
Managing Biodiversity


Topic B1: Energy Security

Energy Supply, Demand and Security
The Impact of Energy Use
Energy Security and the Future


Topic B2: Water Conflicts

Water Supply and Geography
Water Insecurity
Water Conflicts and the Future


Topic C1: Superpower Geographies

Superpowers and Emerging Powers
The Role of Superpowers
Superpower Futures


Topic C2: Bridging the Development Gap

The Causes of the Development Gap
The Consequences of the Gap
Closing the Gap