Atomic Structure & Isotopes Videos

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Overview: Atomic Structure & Isotopes

This is an overview of Topic 1: Atomic Structure and Isotopes. It includes definition of isotope, atomic structure and relative atomic and isotopic mass.

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Atomic Structure

Introduction to the structure of atoms and explanation of atomic and mass number

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Nuclear Symbols

Video explaining the notation used to represent atoms and ions.

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Relative Atomic & Isotopic Masses

Video explaining the meaning of isotopes and the difference between relative atomic mass and relative isotopic mass.

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Relative Molecular & Formula Mass

Video explaining what is molecule and thus outlining the difference between relative molecular & formula mass.

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Determination of Relative Atomic Mass by Mass Spectrometry

Video explaining how mass spectrometry works and how to use the spectra to work out relative atomic mass.

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Calculating the Abundance of Isotopes from Mass Spec

This video includes a few calculation type questions to show how to calculate the abundance of isotopes from mass spec

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