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Questions by Topic

Are your GCSE Science topic questions for double or triple science and for foundation or higher students?

They are taken from triple science higher past papers.

Where can I find the mark schemes for the multiple choice questions?

There are files called ‘All multiple choice MS’.

If a multiple-choice question paper has a code such as 9702/01/M/J/07 to the right of every question, this means we do not have a dedicated mark scheme for it and that answers will need to be accessed by referring to the relevant past paper. 9702/01/M/J/07: 9702 refers to the specification code, 01 refers to the paper number, M/J refers to May/June series, and 07 refers to 2007. The question numbers are the same as in the original.

What is the difference between the different question sets?

The higher the number/ the further the letter is down the alphabet, the later the questions were compiled. Set-1 are from papers between 2003-2010 and all other sets are more recent, however we cannot be more specific about dates. All question sets conform to the requirements of the current specification and there is no particular difference between them, in terms of content. However, there may be some overlap as they were prepared by different people.

Past Papers and Model Answers

Can you send me IAL papers from before 2014?

IAL was introduced in January 2014 so there are no papers before that.

Do you have [X] paper?

All the papers we have are on the Past Papers page. We only host papers that have been released to the public; we don’t have any locked papers.

Do you have the model answers for the most recent exams?

We will only have model answers for the most recent exams when they have been unlocked by the exam board. Model solutions will be uploaded onto the website after this so please do not email us before then asking when they will be ready.

Do you have the papers and mark schemes for 2020?

We do not have the papers from 2020 exams. These will be uploaded onto the website once they have officially been unlocked by the exam boards, which will be around April 2022.

Job Opportunities

I would like to make resources for PMT, are you hiring?

If there is an advert on our website then we are actively recruiting, otherwise we are not. However, if you are an A2 or university student with a strong academic record, feel free to send us details of this and of the subjects and levels you are interested in and we will consider you for anything that comes up. Most of our resource creation takes place over the summer holidays, so if we get in contact with you it will most likely be around then.

Teachers' Area

I would like a tutor for myself or my child, is that something you can arrange?

We are in the process of developing a tutoring platform which will launch in early February. Until then we cannot arrange tutoring.

I do not have a teaching email address (e.g, can I still access the Teachers’ Area?

Yes, you can, provided you can show us alternative proof such as your name on a staff list or your ID badge.

I am a parent/homeschooled, can I access the Teachers’ Area?

I’m afraid not; access is restricted to teachers and tutors only.

I am a tutor, can I access the Teachers’ Area?

Yes, we will be happy to grant you access to the Teachers’ Area provided you can show proof of your tutor status.

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