Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical reasoning tests in the process of job applications can be stressful, especially if the last maths exam you had done was some years ago. However, with learning some basic techniques and enough practice, they will become easier. Below you can find some information about numerical reasoning tests and tips that can help you get better.


Structure of the Test

Although there are various test providers which use different tests, numerical reasoning tests have some common characteristics:

  • Data given in the form of tables/graphs/charts
  • Questions based only on the data given
  • Calculators allowed
  • Short time (about 1 min per question)

The maths involved is not complicated (as a comparison, the level of Maths GCSE is much higher). However, there is a lot of time pressure so it is vital that you are confident with the basic maths involved and familiar with the types of questions.

Test Providers

There are different companies that provide numerical reasoning tests and which one your test will come from depends on the employer you are applying to. Two of the most common ones are SHL and Kenexa. Having the common characteristics I mentioned above, the styles of questions from different providers vary. It is important that you find out which test provider your employer uses and familiarise yourself with those tests.

Tips for scoring higher

Please check my post on ‘How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests?‘, where I give tips about how to prepare for and what to do during the tests.

Can I not ask a friend to do it?

Given that most tests are completed online under no supervision, it may be tempting to simply ask someone else to complete the tests for you. In theory, there is nothing stopping you and many people do that. However, you need to remember that if you get to an interview/assessment day stage, some employers ask you to complete a similar numerical test and compare your result with the online one.


I have a lot of experience solving numerical tests myself and I offer tutorials to improve your numerical reasoning test performance. During the lessons, we would go over the necessary mathematical methods you need for the tests, after which I would give you exercises to practice those specific methods. Once we cover the basics, we would solve test questions, where you can see how I approach questions in a test and familiarise yourself with the style of questions. I have a collection of past test questions available that I can provide you for practicing.