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The videos below are from the YouTube channels MaChemGuy and Mr C Dunkley. Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest videos.

Overview: Compounds, Formulae and Equations

This is an overview of Topic 2: Compounds, Formulae and Equations. It includes valence numbers, typical ions, how to balance equations and ionic equations.

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Positive Ions

Video listing common positive ions you should know by heart.

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Negative Ions

Video listing common negative ions you should know by heart.

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Working out the Formulae of Ionic Compounds

This video provides explanation for formulae of ionic compounds using valence numbers.

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Balancing Chemical Equations

This video explains the importance of balancing chemical reactions and provides examples of how to balance equations.

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Writing Chemical Equations from Supplied Information

This video explains how to use supplied information to write balance equation with state symbols.

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Ionic Equations

This video explains how to write ionic equations including examples.

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