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Overview: Enthalpy Changes and Hess’ Cycle

These two videos are an overview of Topic 11: Enthalpy Changes which includes Hess’ cycles, enthalpy profile diagrams, enthalpy change of neutralisation, formation and combustion.

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Enthalpy Introduction

The video shows enthalpy profile diagrams for exothermic and endothermic.

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Standard Enthalpy Changes

The video explains the standard enthalpy change of reaction, combustion and formation including the standard conditions.

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Calculating Enthalpy Change of Reaction by Calorimetry

The video explains how the enthalpy change of a reaction can be determined by calorimetry and included two worked examples.

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Calculating Enthalpy Change of Combustion by Calorimetry

This video outlines the method of calorimetry to calculate the enthalpy change of combustion and explains why there is a difference in experimental results and data book values.

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Calculating Enthalpy Changes from Bond Enthalpies

This video explains what bond enthalpy is and how it can be used calculate enthalpy changes. The video has worked examples.

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Calculating a Bond Enthalpy from the Enthalpy Change

This video looks at how the enthalpy change for a reaction and bond enthalpies to calculate the unknown bond enthalpy.

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Enthalpy Change of Neutralisation

This video explains the method to work out the enthalpy change of neutralisation and the calculations involved.

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Hess’ Law Introduction

The video outlines the how to use Hess’ law make carbon dioxide from carbon and oxygen and explains why the overall enthalpy change is the same even when different routes are taken.

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Hess’ Law Cycles involving Enthalpy Changes of Formation

Video contains 2 worked examples using Hess’ cycles to work out the enthalpy change of formation.

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Hess’ Law Cycles involving Enthalpy Changes of Combustion

This video demonstrates how to calculate enthalpy change of combustion using Hess’ cycle.

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