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The videos below are from the YouTube channels MaChemGuy and Mr C Dunkley. Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest videos.

Overview: The Halogens

This is an overview of Topic 9: The Halogens. It includes relative melting/boiling points, disproportion reactions and testing for halide ions.

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The Halogens

The video explains the bonding, structure and properties of the halogens.
Ionisation energy

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Oxidising Power of the Halogens

The video using various representations and examples to show the oxidising power of the halogens.

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Displacement Reactions of the Halogens 1

This videos explains how displacement reactions shows the relative oxidising powers of the halogens. It also includes ionic equations.

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Displacement Reactions of the Halogens 2

The video continues explaining displacement reactions of halogen showing the colours changes as well.

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Testing for Aqueous Halide Ions

This video shows a series of test tube experiments testing for halide ions including full equations, ionic equations and colour changes.

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