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Overview: How Fast?

This is an overview of Topic 21: “How Fast?”. It includes rate of reaction, order of reactants, overall order, rate determining step, rate constant and half-life.

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Rate and Order of Reaction

This video introduces order of reaction and demonstrates how concentrate can affect rate thus resulting in different orders of reactions.

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Order and Half-Life

This video explores the link between order of reaction and half-life and the information that half-life provides.

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Rate Equations

This video demonstrates how knowing the order of the reaction with respect to a particular reactant help form rate equations.

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Initial Rates 1

This video looks at the initial rates method and includes 2 worked examples.

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Initial Rates 2

This video continues to work through examples using the initial rates method.

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Rate-Determining Steps and Reaction Mechanisms 1

This video introduces what the rate determining step is and provides worked examples of the reaction mechanism.

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The Arrhenius Equation

This video explains how the rate constant and temperature are linked by the Arrhenius equation

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Arrhenius Calculations

Video with two worked examples using the Arrhenius equation.

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Arrhenius Plots

This video demonstrates how to draw a graph to calculate Ea.

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