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Lattice Enthalpy Videos

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The videos below are from the YouTube channels MaChemGuy and Mr C Dunkley. Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest videos.


Overview: Lattice Enthalpy

This is an overview of Topic 24: Lattice Enthalpy. It includes Born-Haber cycles for CaCl2 of lattice enthalpy and enthalpy change of solutions and factors that affect these enthalpies.

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Lattice Enthalpy 1

This video provides a step by step guide to Born Haber cycle for NaCl and also explains the factors that affect lattice enthalpies.

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Lattice Enthalpy 2

The video contains worked example of a typical question to calculate the lattice enthalpy of KI.

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Lattice Enthalpy 3

Video with two worked Born Haber cycle question with increased difficulty.

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Enthalpy of Solution 1

This videos explains what enthalpy change of solution is and how to construct a Born Haber cycle to calculate it.

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Enthalpy of Solution 2

Video showing how to construct the Born Haber cycle for LiCl and calculate the enthalpy of solution and gives a comparison between the enthalpy of solution of LiCl and NaCl.

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Enthalpy of Solution 3

This video explains how enthalpy of hydration and lattice enthalpy affect the enthalpy change of solution.

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