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Overview: Redox and Electrode Potentials

This is an overview of Topic 26: Redox and Electrode Potentials. It includes half cells, oxidation and reduction reactions, how to measurement standard electrode potential and set-up of apparatus .

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Writing Half Equations

Video demonstrating how to write half equations when reactant and product is known including examples.

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Combining Half Equations

This video shows how to combine half equations to generate the overall redox equation and expresses roles of substances of reducing and oxidising agents.

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Redox Titrations 1

Video introducing redox titration using two examples involving Fe2+ and MnO4- ions.

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Redox Titrations 2

This video contains more typical exam style questions on redox titration involving scaling factors.

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Thiosulphate Titrations 1

This video describes the method for thiosulphate titrations including two calculations involving copper 2+ ions.

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Thiosulphate Titrations 2

Video containing 3 worked trickier thiosulphate titrations calculations.

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Electrode Potentials 1

This video explains the importance of standard electrode potential value in predicting reactions.

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Electrode Potentials 2

This video shows the setup of apparatus to measure the electrode potentials.

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Fuel Cells Introduction

This video explains what a fuel cell is and how hydrogen fuel cells work.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fuel Cell Vehicles

This video explores the advantages and disadvantages of fuel cell vehicles.

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