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The videos below are from the YouTube channels MaChemGuy and Mr C Dunkley. Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest videos.


Overview: Transition Elements

This is an overview of Topic 27: Transition Elements. It includes definition, electron configuration, complex ions, ligands and reactions.

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Transition Elements 1: Introduction

This video uses the electronic configurations of transition element atoms and ions to explain what a transition element is.

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Transition Elements: 4 General Properties

This video outlines the 4 key properties of transition element using many examples in the explanations.

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Precipitation Reactions

This video demonstrates a series of test tube experiments to how the precipitation reactions that take place when aqueous Cu2+ Co2+ Fe2+ and Fe3+ react with aqueous hydroxide ions.

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Complex Ions

This video explains how complexes ions are formed from different types of ligands.

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Isomerism in Complex Ions

Video showing the different types of isomerism that can occur in complex ion

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Ligand Substitution Reactions

In depth video explaining some of ligand substitution reactions.

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Transition Element Colours by Metal

Video summarising all the colours of transition element metals you need to know.

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Transition Element Colours by Colour

Video summarising all the colours of the transition element complexes you need to know.

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Test yourself TM reactions

Once confident with your transition elements knowledge test yourself with this video.

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