Carboxylic Acids and Esters Videos

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Overview: Carboxylic Acids and Esters

This is an overview of Topic 31: Carboxylic Acids and Esters. It includes solubility and reactions of carboxylic acids, the different ways esters are made, hydrolysis of esters and acyl chlorides.

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An Introduction to Carboxylic Acids

Video introducing carboxylic acids including functional group, naming, physical properties.

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Reactions of Carboxylic Acids

This video explains the typical reactions of carboxylic acids.

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This video introduces esters including naming, how to make ester from acid anhydride and from alcohol.

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This video describes the reaction between carboxylic acids and alcohols and outlines how to naming and draw esters.

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Hydrolysis of Esters

Video demonstrating acid and base hydrolysis of esters using examples.

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Acyl(acid) Chlorides Introduction

Video explaining the functional group, naming and making of acyl chloride.

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Reactions of Acyl Chlorides

This video explores all the different reactions of acyl chlorides.

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