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Blake E.

University of Manchester - BSc Computer Science

Expert Python Programmer Offering Tailored Guidance for Success

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    What is Mission Encodable?

    Mission Encodeable is a website that offers free Python tutorials covering the programming content you need to know for your GCSE Computer Science exams. Its tutorials are divided into a number of levels, each of which will teach you new programming techniques. Each level contains step-by-step tutorials, and learning projects with line-by-line walkthroughs, where we’ll show you how to make your own cool and interesting programs using the skills you’ve just learnt. At the end of each level, you’ll have the opportunity to build a capstone project without any help, and you’ll then be able to download a personalised certificate.

    Who is Mission Encodable for?

    Mission Encodeable is perfect for beginners who want to learn to code independently in Python for the first time, and it assumes no prior knowledge so it will take you right from the beginning and teach you everything you need to know. It’s also perfect for exam revision purposes, and allows you to easily recap content you’d like to consolidate.

    Which syllabuses are the tutorials suitable for?

    It covers the programming content you need to know on Pearson Edexcel’s GCSE Computer Science Paper 2 – Application of Computational Thinking (1CP2/02), AQA’s GCSE Computer Science Paper 1 – Computational thinking and programming skills (8525/1B), and OCR’s GCSE Computer Science Paper 2 – Computational thinking, algorithms and programming (J277/02).