Equity and policies towards income and wealth redistribution

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Regulatory bodies, deregulation and the direct provision of goods and services

This video explains how regulatory bodies, deregulation and direct provision help correct market failure.

Behavioural insights and nudge theory

This video explores how behavioral insights and nudge theory can be used to reduce market failure.

Equity vs efficiency

This video explains the difference between equity and efficiency.

Maximum and minimum prices (applied)

This video explains how the government uses price stabilization policies such as minimum and maximum prices to affect market outcomes.

Buffer stock schemes

This video explains how buffer stock schemes work.

Means tested benefits and transfer payments

This video discusses means-tested benefits and transfer payments.

Progressive income tax

This video explains how progressive income tax systems operate.

Inheritance and capital gains tax

This video explains how inheritance and capital gains taxes are collected to redistribute wealth.

Negative income tax

This video explores how a simple negative income tax might work.

Proportional and regressive taxes

This video explains how proportional and regressive taxes work.

Poverty trap analysis

This video explores poverty trap analysis.

Intergenerational equity

This video explains what intergenerational equity is.

The Lorenz curve and Gini coefficient

This video discusses the Lorenz curve and Gini coefficient.

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