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I will be working over the summer to improve and expand the website. The two areas I will focus on are making videos for the new physics syllabus and the Oxford PAT and rearranging the question sets and notes for the new syllabi. Apart from these, I want to add papers for more subjects. I would like your help in one of the following ways:

Resources to Share

Have you been making notes as part of your revision? Do you have question packs, solutions or other resources you can share? Whether in physics, maths or (preferably) other subjects, please send them over if you would like them to go on the website. I will read through them (or have someone else do it for other subjects) and put them up for everyone to use next year.

Part-time work in summer

Thanks for all your messages, there are now too many people interested so I am no longer accepting any applications.

If you’re looking for something less formal, I wouldn’t say no to some voluntary help. Even if you spare a few hours to do a small task, it would be really helpful!

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